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In the summer of 2019 I was teaching kids game programming. This game was the first example written in class so that they learn the basic concepts. You can get the entire source code, along with some class notes, on https://pls.plaureano.com/Coding/files/learn-to-code-a-game-blitzmax-in-minutes-...

As we did not have the original game machine available we based this recreation on a screenshot we found on the Internet.

Written in Blitzmax


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OctopusMac.zip 2 MB
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octopus_SRC.zip 2 MB


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I downloaded this game.! The game is really interesting and challenging.  I also found a video of the handheld game machine on Youtube. Here:

The game machine looks so classic! By the way,  I think that BlitzMax is an appropriate language for students to learn programming. The reason is that the language is not hard and the user base is not too small.  Those students can actually ask questions in the following place  if  they encounter problems.

Have fun with it the game. I am now teaching how to code in the C language. People may be surprised on how easy it really is (it’s a different experience from coding in Blitzmax, but Equally rewarding). If you are interested take a look a let me know if you like the experience: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLnErjcaZuhwHX6gjyTxrwA


The channel name is Pointers. I like the name. This name is  an appropriate name for a programming tutorial channel! 

The first video is an introduction of Raspberry pi computer and softwares installed on Raspberry pi computer.  The introduction is a quite thorough introduction...yes! This video is really interesting.

The graphic qualities of these four videos are nice. In fact, these four videos are well-made!  

Making  video tutorials of C programming language is really useful for people who want to learn the language.  Sure!

Thanks for your endeavour!!!

Thank you so much for the kind words!