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Game I wrote for the Commodore Amiga back in 1991 with AMOS Professional. I was a teenager back then,,, :-)

Amiga format review:

" This is one of those great games. The board-game version (Risk) will be familiar to many readers, but the basic idea is this. The playing area is the world, about the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Up to six people can play at once. The game starts with the planet being randomly partitioned, with armies of the occupying player being put on them.

The object of the game is to either conquer a certain number of countries (playing for missions) or the whole world. You get a certain number of reinforcements each turn (more if you own a whole continent or two). You can gain extra arrnies by playing cards - when you conquer one country, you get a card. Trade in three cards for more armies - the number you get depends on the combination.

This version is a straight port over of the board-game, and the computer will play if less than six people are around. lt's quite easy to work out how to play (the mouse is used almost exclusively). Winning is more elusive - you can be on top of the world one minute, only to be vanquished the next.

The game was written with AMOS, by Paulo Laureano. Graphics by Waddingtons (competently copied by Francisco Cordeiro). lf you liked the board-game you will love this one. I know I do. "

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AuthorPaulo Laureano
Tagscommodore-amiga, Multiplayer


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Total War v1.9 (1991)(Santos, Paulo)(SW).adf 880 kB


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Hello, there is a software called AOZ Studio. It is the modern version of AMOS Professional on Windows.

Have to check it out. Thanks for sharing!

One more thing, a list of some BASIC languages is on this webpage.  Maybe you will be interested in them. Bye....

oh..my god.. i swear when i was like 7 years old my dad showed me this movie where this guy played by the actor matthew broderick became addicted to playing the game total war. only difference is that the game was in green and black color scheme. so it might be something else but this is a wonderful thing to see regardless.

Movie: WarGames